by Sheer Mag



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released March 11, 2016



ian, tina, hart, kyle, matt,

recorded at clownhouse II by hart seely
mixed at business district recording by hunter davidsohn
mastered by adam boose at cauliflower audio
art and insert by sheer mag
music and lyrics by sheer mag
poster photo by marie lin




all rights reserved


Static Shock Records London, UK

Punk records. Est 2008.

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Track Name: Can't Stop Fighting
Paloma walks home at night from the maquiladora
and 8 days later, no one has saw her
sometimes she worked late
don't that tell ya just whats at stake

we can't stop fighting

at home, my sister, she told me a story
and at the end, there was no Grace or glory
just the trial of a man
with no motive for for where he stands

all my life I've felt the eye of the catcall
we're striking back baby, and you can find me in the vanguard
you say you don't understand
i can see the blood, it's on your hands
Track Name: Worth The Tears
why can't i take you home when i need you?
when i get you on your own i can't figure it out
you won't talk to me

tell me what is up
cuz lately i've been feelin' not good enough
so i wrote you a letter to tell you how i feel
you won't read it though
you don't wanna know

but at least i tried
and the time we had was worth the tears that you made me cry
i won't be afraid
and i'll never forget the good lovin' that we made

well your stubbornness reveals itself
but you ain't coming back jack i won't do it again
even if i want to

but it is so sad
i mourn only for the love that we used to have
can't live in the past while the world moves on
but i still think about ya
and you oughta know
Track Name: Night Isn't Bright
it's plain to see these days that theres an agitation
we live and we die by a politics of simplification
so hold fast to the ones you love
before theyre ripped away

we do what we like and they call us an abomination
they rigged the game and they say were a contamination
but what if we could stand together and make it stark

the night isn't bright
the night isn't bright its dark
we'll be gettin' it together
or we're tearing ourselves apart

everything we do they do their best to just repeal it
they got a hatred for us you know they can barely conceal it
but what if we could band together and leave our mark
Track Name: Nobody's Baby
I can't contain myself when im looking at you
i don't wanna dance with nobody else
but i gotta know
do you want me too?

i get a jolt when our eyes meet
that i can't understand
i wanna feel the midnight heat
and my stomach drop when you take my hand

i've got a tender heart
and i'm trusting you
don't make me feel like a fool from the start
but where've you gone
why can't you

dance with the one that you brought
treat me the way i deserve?
i gave you my love but it's all for naught
cause you don't know just what i'm worth

i'm nobodys baby
i'm nobodys girl

i can't tell which is worse
never having known
or wanting you so bad that it hurts
what's on your mind?
you don't